Most people are reluctant to leave the comforts of their job to start an online business. They are either worried about having to invest capital or scared that it would eat into most of their free time.

However, if you do it right, an online business can be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. Here’s a list of five online businesses that can be started by anyone at virtually no cost.


The concept behind dropshipping is simple – Find a supplier of the product you want to sell, list them on your own website, and promote them using online m日本藤素
arketing tools. When someone orders a product from your website, you can place a corresponding order with your supplier and have them ship the products directly to your customer. You can make a sweet profit off this deal as well! Dropshipping is incredibly easy and can be a great venture to have on the side if you’ve got an appetite for business.

Affiliate Marketing

Anyone can start an affiliate marketing venture. All you need is a blog or a YouTube channel or even a social media account. Affiliate marketers team up with brands and stores to promote their products and receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using the affiliate link. It is open to everybody and requires no special effort on your part – Just keep putting content out there and promote your affiliate links in them.


While some might argue that the days of mainstream bloggers earning big bucks is over, don’t believe that for even a single second. If you are knowledgeable regarding a subject, you can start sharing your thoughts and help people searching for information regarding that particular subject via a website. Bloggers enjoy a snowball effect – The more the people who find your content informative, the more the traffic you can attract onto your website. You may even wind up owning an authority website on the subject!

Bloggers make their money by displaying ads on their webpages. They also tie up with brands and stores, who pay them to review their products or promote their ads, similar to affiliate marketing. You can set up a fully functional website in less than 30 minutes and start blogging right away!

Making Online Videos

The highest-paid YouTuber is an 8-year-old kid who runs a channel named Ryan’s World. He earned a whopping $26 million in 2019, just by reviewing toys on his channel. Can you believe that?

While not all video creators make such spectacular amounts, YouTube does provide a decent source of income for many video content creators. Due to YouTube’s massive audience base, you can post almost anything on the website and the video will make its way to people who are ready to watch it from all over the world. You can post product reviews, vlogs, funny videos, compilations, etc. and earn money from the ads that are run on your videos.

Become a Freelancer

The gig economy around the world is booming. Experts predict that gig workers will soon outnumber salaried employees in several parts of the world. You can sign up with online freelancing portals like, Fiverr, Guru, and offer your skills in the marketplace. Work with clients from all over the world and do only those projects that you’re interested in. The best part about being a freelancer is the flexibility and freedom that comes with it – You’re your own boss and you set the schedule!

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