We all understand that for a product to become a success it needs to be wanted and in demand. We gain a level of demand, the products you intend to sell will cease to become a viable option. In our every so busy society today, this rapid demand for new and improved goods has spawned into a vast number of new and innovative products that would never have been looked upon or heard of 15 to 20 years ago.

There are differentiating types of demand that we need to be aware off. The first is consumer demand. This is demand for products used primarily on a consumer and personal level such as clothing, mobile phones, wall decor etc. The other form of demand in the marketplace is business or B2B demand. This form of demand is more specific markets and involves products that are generally for business use only. Examples include; packaging materials, office furniture, corporate clothing etc.

An easy method of determining demand online is firstly via auction sites such as eBay. Such a site that allows you to observe the number of bits on certain products and even view hot products that have a large number of bids. EBay also has its own popularity search which can be searched simply by using their Advanced Search Function , then selecting ‘sold listings’ in a particular category to determine what has sold the most. We explain more about this in our import and online business DVD courses however there are other sites that have similar search features all over the world.

One very powerful method however in determining demand is via a keyword tool offered by Google. We also provide you tutorial videos about Google’s tools in our courses however to briefly explain it here and to begin with, a keyword basically means a search term or a word that would search for online during a particular period. These tools offer the ability to show the number of searches that were made in the month prior.

For example if we were searching ‘toothbrushes’, there may be well over 10,000 searches for toothbrushes in the last month. This is why we also explained to you about niche markets but again this is also taught in your DVD course.

So when utilizing these tools, you can really have a powerful insight into what customers really want and demand, and in turn boosts your online business sales and traffic.

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