Whether you’re planning introduce a new product or looking for import your equipment and supplies directly from the manufacturer, our Industry Product and Supplier Reports are very powerful business tools that can deliver an array of data and information relating to any specific product or range of products that your business requires.

With such a report, you’ll be able to determine product profitability, competition levels, negotiate and interact with the manufacturer as chosen by our team. Unlike other research reports, our industry reports are custom drafted to suit your business product requirements rather than a generic industry report.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge included in each report, having such a tool will save you a fortune on common mistakes made by business owners and importers who fail to undertake such due diligence.

No matter the size of your business or the value of your initial order, the reports ensure you understand better the product/s you are sourcing, and to maintain a verified supplier that’ll keep trading with your business satisfactorily for many years to come.

The ‘stay safe’ supplier source and verify report is one of the first of its kind. It’s an essential and personalised document that we compile for you that not only provides you with a list of reliable and long-term suppliers, but also highlights whether the suppliers are verified and trusted to ensure long term relationships, consistent product supply and satisfactory communication.

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