Long shipping time is one of the main concerns for people who plan to operate their drop shipping store.

Here are 5 reasons why shipping time shouldn’t EVER be your worry!

  1. Hot items are worth the wait

Did you make enough effort while choosing the best products for your store? If they are highly demanded and have great value for your target audience, your store visitors won’t mind the delivery time. It is especially true for unusual products that are not so easy to find in other places!

  1. These are not life-critical products

The whole idea of drop shipping stores is to generate impulse purchases driven by emotions. You’re not selling prime necessity items like food or medicines, and your customers don’t have an urgent need when they buy from you. They are not placing orders because of a burning reason; they just (ideally) fall in love with your items, and make a quick and easy purchase simply because they liked something. In other words, they CAN AFFORD waiting.

  1. You can always put a disclaimer

To be honest, this is absolutely necessary. Write the shipping time information in a visible place for your customers’ convenience – and for your own safety! If the product description starts with a phrase like ‘Please note: the average shipping time is 30 days’, the page viewer will know what to expect from the purchase.

  1. Customer support is your ultimate advantage

Upset clients start to storm you with letters when they think that their item is lost and the whole thing was a fraud. Keep calm and be patient! You can sort this issue out in 3 simple steps:

  1. When you send your client the confirmation email, include the shipping times in it ONCE AGAIN – not everyone is attentive enough to read even basic information in the product description. When you congratulate your customers with making their purchases, it’s appropriate to remind them about the expected delivery period.
  2. As soon as you get the tracking code from your AliExpress supplier, email this code to the buyer and explain how to use this information to learn about the current location of the package. Again, our built in dropship plugin will do this automatically, so if you have the plugin installed, you won’t waste your time and energy on doing these tasks manually.
  3. Make your refund policy very clear: kindly explain thatyou will surely make 100% refund IF the item is not delivered AFTER the end of the delivery period you’ve promised. If you wrote it on your product page that the item will be delivered in 30-45 days, the buyer will ONLY get a refund from you in case the package is not there by the 46th day!
  4. You have alternatives: If you want to minimize your risks even more, consider the ePacket shipping option. It doesn’t cost much which is why it won’t be a burden for you and for your clients, plus it allows a much quicker delivery. Even though it doesn’t cover all the countries across the globe, it is a wonderful solution for reducing the AliExpress shipping time, and we strongly recommend to use this shipping method.


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