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Mens Retail Jacket Business

$5,490.00 $3,490.00

Product Description

 Market Research

The mens jacket and outerwear industry has been performing very well with revenue in the Coats and Jackets (men and boys) segment amounts to US$10,711m in 2018. In 2021, the global jackets and coats market is estimated to generate 94.5 billion U.S. dollars in retail sales. In general, the Australian Online Men's Clothing Sales industry has flourished over the past five years, due to the growing acceptance of online shopping and changing attitudes towards men's fashion. There were over 8000 people monthly in Australia searching mens jackets although searches for specific jackets such as leather and denim jackets exceeded 12,000 searches. Worldwide there were over 301,000 searches for mens jackets monthly on Google. Please Note: The data shown above is derived solely from the Google search engine and does not consider search data and volume from other search engines.

The Potential

The mens fashion watch business will operate as an online boutique retailer of unique and trendy mens watches including luxury, sports and digital watches. The business owner will be able to supply both consumers and businesses in Australia and various other countries with both pre-branded and with custom branding and packaging. This business will also benefit greatly with the personalised branding of all jeans products sold throughout the website.

How Much Could I Make?

Using the search data above, we take the sale price of a typical mens jacket is $120. Purchasing this directly from our Manufacturer will cost approx $25, giving this product a markup of approx 390%. Therefore, if profit is $95 and you converted 0.2% of the 8,000 monthly searches for mens jackets, your revenue will be $95 x 160 (Sales) = $15,200 / month ** Minus Advertising Costs. ** Please keep in mind that any potential earnings or income mentioned is general in nature and dependent on a variety of factors. It is to be used strictly as a guide only. *** Profit potential also doesn't include other forms of advertising that can be employed by the owner such as B2B email mailouts, Facebook & Instagram Marketing, Online support groups and more.

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More Information

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Mens Retail Jacket Business | Readystart Business Solutions

Mens Retail Jacket Business

$5,490.00 $3,490.00

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