In March 2020 saw the coronavirus pandemic reach truly worrying proportions of infected people. Towards the end of the month, several countries had to initiate lockdown protocols in order to protect their citizens from being affected by the virus. Many companies were left with no choice but to allow their employees to work from home.

Soon, the world realized that their employees could keep working at the same productivity levels from the comfort of their homes. Unlike the traditional view, which dictated that a work from home culture was not sustainable, people began to realize that they were more efficient in carrying out their duties. This was all possible, thanks to the widespread penetration of the Internet. Given how widespread the panic is right now, life is likely to remain this way for a couple of years at the very least.

But there’s a silver lining to this for ambitious professionals! This pandemic is a perfect opportunity for professionals to enter the online space to offer their services. Customers were previously wary of dealing with an online service since they had gotten used to meeting people in person. However, the pandemic has woken them up to the fact that online services aren’t bad at all – in fact, they’re pretty amazing!

For customers looking for a personal touch, professionals can conduct video calls with their clients to make it seem like a live meeting. The explosion of video chat services like Zoom and Google Meet means that professionals and clients can meet, talk, and discuss their business in a formal setting from the comfort of their own homes. While some customers may not be fully convinced with a regular phone call, a video call may come off as more reassuring.

Online payments also allow professionals to accept their fees on a real-time basis without having to approach their clients directly. Payments get instantly credited to your bank accounts, instead of needing to wait for your checks to be cleared.

A business offering online services can afford to cater to a larger customer base without needing to set up an office anywhere. That means you can make huge savings in terms of overheads. If you have employees of your own, you can bet that they’ll be thrilled at the opportunity to work from home. Who wouldn’t? We waste a lot of time in transit to our offices that saps our energy – time that could better be utilized in other pursuits.

Offering online services also allows you to maintain a better quality of life. You can now balance your work and personal life without needing to make unnecessary sacrifices. Most jobs today can be done anywhere from the world, provided you have a computer and a basic Internet connection. Unlike the previous generation, professionals today enjoy loads of freedom in their jobs.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic is actually a blessing in disguise for the savvy professional. It has forced the world to wake up to the benefits and advantages of opting for professional services online and eliminated the stigma around them.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and professional who is willing to enter this fledgling space and develop their business, the sky’s the limit for you!

At ReadyStart, we offer online business packages for professionals who are interested in tapping into the advantages of the Internet. Our services help professionals concentrate on improving the quality of their services as we take care of all ancillary requirements.



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