Diversify Your Earnings with Multiple Income Streams

Over 1 million Australians have a second income stream or side hustle that supplements their regular income.

That means one of your colleagues, friends, or family members could be having a side hustle, which keeps their income stable. Establishing multiple income streams is becoming important in today’s age when costs are rising faster than your paycheck can keep up.

Even if you’re not able to work a regular second job, you can always launch an online business that can be managed from the comfort of your homes.

Why it’s so important to have multiple income streams

Having multiple income streams can play a crucial role in substantially boosting your income with an ROI higher than any other investment vehicle together with ensuring longevity and security when operating a successful business online.

Here are a few benefits to having multiple income streams:

More Streams = More Safety

Multiple income streams allow you to protect yourself against unexpected events like getting fired or becoming ill all of a sudden. If you’re solely dependent on a single income, that could leave you seriously vulnerable to financial shocks, should something go wrong at your primary job. It’s easy for things to go downhill at any time.

Having multiple income streams allows you to remain financially stable regardless of the shocks that come your way. You’ll also have more time to focus on developing other income streams in case one of them stops paying out. In today’s day and age, where people are getting fired left, right, and center, having multiple income streams can never hurt.

Solidify your Financial Position 

Aside from helping you set up a financial safety net, having multiple income streams can cement your financial security as well.

Do you have a day job, which you use to pay the bills? How about using your other incomes to hit your investment and savings goals? While one income stream takes care of the present you, the others can be used to plan nice things for the future you.

Multiple incomes also give you greater freedom to set aside a sizeable fund that can be accessed in the event of a financial emergency

Pay off your Debts Sooner

Multiple income streams help you save more money, which can be used for paying off your debt faster than usual. If you’re tired of working a 9-5 job, only to have your debt payments eat into your salary the day it gets credited, it may be time to look into diversifying your income to pay off your debts.

If you’re in deep debt, having multiple side hustles is generally the quickest way to pay it off. There are several online businesses with high-profit margins where people have been known to earn more than their regular day jobs.

There are several success stories of people who were miserably broke and down in their dumps before starting an online business that completely turned their life around.

Create Multiple Sinking Funds

You can dedicate the earnings after taxes from each income stream for a specific purpose. Not every online business needs to hit it out of the park. There are plenty of online businesses where you only need to put in a few hours of work every week as everything else is basically automated. Your earnings from each online funds can be used to create sinking funds for different occasions or goals.

If you find yourself scrambling to arrange your finances before Christmas or unable to go on a holiday, try setting up online businesses whose earnings you never touch (except for taxes) but are funneled into a savings program.

That way, you’ll never have to depend on your credit card to bail you out when a big event is around the corner.

Have the Ability to Take Further Risks

If you’re dependent on your 9-5 job, you pretty much have to live and die by what the boss says. You don’t really have a choice, do you? But what if you had multiple income sources? You could go on more vacations. You could start new businesses that you truly enjoy. You would have more money to devote to your favorite hobbies and passions.

Someone completely dependent on their day job can never go on a spur-of-the-moment backpacking trip through Europe or do anything fun and exciting when the moment strikes – they simply don’t have the freedom. But if you have multiple online businesses and income sources, you’re free to do as you please.

Even if some of your ventures fail, you’ll always have more of them providing you with a stable income, thus giving you the freedom to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Spend your Time More Productively 

Let’s be honest, building multiple income streams from online businesses is no easy affair – there’s a lot of hard work involved too! But when you spend more time on your online businesses, you are productively utilizing time that would have otherwise gone wasted lounging on the sofa watching mindless television. It forces you to up your game and be productive.

Ever had a good day at your job and felt an unbeatable rush course through our veins? Online businesses allow you to experience that rush more frequently and what’s even better – all this hard work is going to pay off big time as well.

How Does it Work?

Our multi stream income businesses operate using two very effective and successful models that allows you to either sell goods directly to your customers without holding any stock or have private labelled products developed by our team for supplying locally to customers and businesses on a B2B basis.

Suppliers and manufacturers for these businesses have been sourced from long term Australian and / or International locations with fast shipping options which is especially crucial during busy periods. 

If you are interested in owning and running multiple online businesses via our solutions below, it involves a development process that takes approximately 2 - 3 weeks and includes business name creation, logo design, website development, social media channels, content writing, brand development, packaging design, marketing campaigns and much more.

The First Step - Is to select which businesses you'd like to operate. We have the largest online business directory online for you to view here: https://www.readystartbusiness.com.au/directory. Once selected, get in touch with us for a discussion and if your fine with all the details, then we'll get a development agreed started asap.


By having the option to either not having to hold any physical stock or distributing your own brand of products, you have the freedom to work at your own pace and in your own location without any limits !

What Included in the Businesses?

The following extensive list of inclusions will arrive with each of the ready to build online businesses you choose to have developed. 

  • Domain Name Research & Suggestions
  • Transfer & Ownership of domain name.
  • ABN Registration Assistance (If Required)
  • Professionally Designed Logo
  • Australian Developed Ecommerce Ready Website.
  • Custom Designed Website Graphics
  • Page Content Writing
  • Supplier Verification System
  • Complete Product Catalog Import
  • Transfer of Hosted Database
  • Email Address Setup
  • SSL Security Install & Setup
  • Set up of New Hosting and Transfer
  • Built-in Advanced Drop-Ship System
  • Automatic Supplier Score Feature 
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Wholesale B2B Management System
  • PDF Email Invoice Integration
  • Abandoned Cart Integration
  • Ownership of all Master Graphics
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Instagram Account Setup
  • Custom Designed Facebook Adverts & Banner
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business Profile
  • Submission to 30 Aussie Business Directories
  • Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Facebook Marketplace Ad
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • 100 x High Quality Backlinks (SEO)
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
  • 10 x Custom Facebook Posts
  • 10 x Custom Instagram Posts
  • $1000+ Worth of Marketing Included
  • Multi Currency Converter
  • PayPal Payment Setup
  • Credit Card Payment Setup
  • Afterpay Payment Setup
  • Full Training Video Guides
  • 50+ Hours of Marketing Tutorials
  • 12 Months of Support by Email, Skype and Phone
  • Lifetime Business Technical Support
  • 100% Tax Deductible Investment
  • No-Risk Business Guarantee

Multi Stream Income Dropship Online Business Packages

Dual Income Stream Business



  • Two Long Term Income Streams
  • Complete Online Business Developments (x2)
  • Business Inclusions as Above (x2)
  • Lifetime Business Support 
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Tri Income Stream Business



  • Three Long Term Income Streams
  • Complete Online Business Developments (x3)
  • Business Inclusions as Above (x3)
  • Lifetime Business Support 
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Quad Income Stream Business



  • Four Long Term Income Streams
  • Complete Online Business Developments (x4)
  • Business Inclusions as Above (x4)
  • Lifetime Business Support 
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Ready to Build Business Highlights

No Physical Stock Required (Dropship Business)

With this business you'll be able to operate with ease from any location by having your orders fulfilled and delivered to your customers directly by the supplier.

Fully Automated System

Sit back and relax while your online business receives orders, updates stock and prices, not to mention easy to use contact forms that allow customers to send enquiries even offline.

Powerful Marketing Campaign

We'll ensure your business receives maximum traffic week after week with our optional marketing packages with exposure on multiple Social Channels and Directories.

Lifetime Support

Managing an online business can feel overwhelming however at Readystart, we provide lifetime technical support to assist you in running and growing your business.

I'm Interested! What Happens Next?

Want to proceed and have us start to develop your multiple stream business opportunities for you? Simply follow the following 4 steps to get started.

Why Invest in this Business?

  • Have total control of your future
  • Invest in a real asset that will grow in value
  • Work from any location including overseas
  • Enjoy more time with your loved ones
  • Lowest running costs guaranteed
  • Invest with a fully licenced business sales agency
  • Receive lifetime technical support
  • 100% Tax Deductible Investment
  • Peace of mind with our no risk policy

Need More Information?

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