The Development Process

The Readystart online business development involves the following processes which give you a sense of excitement and fulfilment involving multiple phases and steps in building a customised, long term and successful online business from the ground up.

Step 2. Store Identity & Colour Scheme

This step involves our logo & web designers brainstorming some amazing store names initially which’ll then be transformed into fabulous logo designs. From there colour palettes will be compiled & used.

Step 3. Supplier Sourcing & Product Import

Once the store structure and platform is developed, our product specialist will spend many hours negotiating with and selecting suppliers. This is then followed by the importing of unique and featured products.

Step 4. Product and Site Content

At this stage of development, we utilise the highly creative skills of our content experts to write super content for pages such as an about us and FAQ page. We’ll also have amazing blog articles written as required.

Step 5. Testing & Site Optimization

One vital process is the final stages of development is the testing of various functions such as email forms, live chat tests and creating demo orders. We’ll also optimize site speed to ensure a satisfying experience.

Step 6. Online Marketing Setup

In this final phase we firstly ensure that all the basic foundations are laid to get your site known online such as business directory & search engine submissions, then comes social media channels and ad campaigns .

Need More Information?

For more information and to answer any further questions you may have regarding this business opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us .